About Us

Tallisman was founded in 1995 by Brad Tallis and is located centrally in Sydney; delivering projects all over Australia.

Brad has been training for 24 years and Tallisman has been involved in large scale project rollouts since 1995. We have partnered with large organisations to design and implement the education component of these rollouts.


When Tallisman undertakes a project we endeavour to fit seamlessly into the organisations project teams. Our facilitators supplement and compliment your existing support team, having worked alongside organisational development management, learning & development management, HR Managers as well as senior & executive management and information technology management in both public and private sectors.

Tallisman is experienced in communicating with a wide audience ranging from blue collar workers though to senior management including CEO’s and directors of large organisations. Whether you are in need of a training solution that supports your new computer system or software application, customer service help desk, telephone sales desk, or interpersonal skills development, we work with you to design the right training solution to meet your specific objectives, needs and strategic plans.

Our Approach


We adopt an approach of listening to the client’s needs and offer suggestions based upon our previous experience where ever possible. Our team of facilitators and project managers bring many years’ of experience providing quality training solutions in both technical and soft skills.

According to the needs of each individual project Tallisman bring together a team of facilitators and consultants for each project. This benefits you, in that we bring together the most appropriate combination of experts to manage, develop and facilitate each individual project.

With all projects we are involved with, we design training material to aid the business after completion of the project. The support material and skill retention aids we develop such as “cheat sheets”, reference cards and e-learning modules are used so that the business can support itself in the ‘business as usual’ phase.

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