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Train the Trainer

Tallisman specialises in the development of customised training solutions to help your Trainers.

Our Train the Trainer course is modular in design, meaning you could choose one or a couple of modules to assist your trainers in a small area that they need adjusting their Training Skills or you can utilize all the modules to enhance your Trainers skills in a couple of days.

Please call 1300 825 547 or email contact us for The complete 16 modules you can choose from and we will also offer you a Free Training Needs Analysis for your current training. This can save you and your organization many thousands of dollars.

Tallisman’s Train the Trainer course covers an Introduction to coaching, we analyse who needs a Training Needs Annalysis (TNA), how to gather the information for a TNA what methods you can use.

We cover off how to write Training Material how to Design your “Aims, Objectives and Outcomes” and what skills you will need to communicate this effetively.

The Train the Trainer course looks at the training process and we look at a typical training cycle.

This is a small snapshot of this modular Train the Trainer Course. All modules include interactive exercises that the participants work on either individually or in groups depending on the exercise.

Call Tallisman on 1300 825 547 or email via Contact Us to see if we can assist you with your training requirements.