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Customised training solutions including compliance
With the capability to design and deliver, Tallisman understand the demands of todays evolving workplace where training extends beyond the classroom to online learning solutions. Our customised training solutions provide cost-effective, time-efficient and highly engaging curriculum to improve the capabilities of the organisation, the team and the individual to sustain lasting change. 

The training specialists
Tallisman draws on a range of methods to deliver everything from single one-on-one programs to large, sophisticated learning curriculum for thousands of staff.

Training is delivered across three main areas: 

• Soft Skills Development
Many clients often require a customised in-house training course to develeop a set of specific soft skills that the organisation requires. We specialise in developing learning solutions to acquire the specific soft skills and knowledge to improve individual and organisational performance and productivity.

• Technical IT Product Training
In the changing landscape of technology, organisations need skilled teams to develop, deploy and maintain its computer systems and off the shelf software. Tallisman works closely with vendors and the project team to design training material and learning tools that will benefit the business long after project completion.

• Custom Business Software Training
We believe staff are the fabric of every business but technology holds it together. To ensure staff harness the potential of your business software, we can develop a range of modules to assist the adoption of new technology, migrate to new versions of software or we can customise learning solutions for your own internal applications and processes. 

Train the Trainer

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Training Needs Analysis

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