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Project Examples


Medical Practice Management Software

The training material that Tallisman developed showed how to use the front office in a doctors surgery by the receptionist / accounts person and how the doctor can use the patient’s medical record to record diagnosis and create doctors scripts.

The number of practices using this software is approximately 600.



GE Finance

Floor Stock Managing Software

GE Finance created a new software package for car sales yards, boat sales yards, motorcycle shops to record their floor stock and charges / payments on their floor stock to GE Finance.

Tallisman developed training materials on how to operate the software. The training had to be delivered to over 5,000 businesses Australia wide in the timeframe of 1 week. We used CD ROMs for the ability to run the education at the business’s own premises. The audience for this material was extremely broad from prestige car sales yards owned by large corporations, to the local bike mechanic in a country town.




Share Analysis and Recording of Share Portfolios

Tallisman created training materials on how to analyse shares based on 9 key indicator formulas. The materials explained how to chart the stocks and which sectors were showing signs that they were about to perform well. The material also showed how to buy and sell shares into their stock portfolio.

This material was released worldwide and currently there are over 35,000 customers using this share analysis tool. The audience that uses this training material is very wide and so we had to make it very simple to enable potential customers to understand the complexities of share trading.



Information Security Awareness


This learning resource was developed to help make Sydney Water Corporation an information secure environment. We covered topics such as Information Assets, Information Security, Threats, Incident Reporting and Breaches. This was created in a PowerPoint slideshow with broadcast quality audio. We enhanced the screen show using a combination of flash and HTML to produce an online training resource. The audience for this learning resource covered all of Sydney Water’s employees.




SOE Project

Tallisman developed customised training materials and delivered the training for the new AGL Windows Environment. The training materials developed were for courses in MS Windows, PowerPoint, Excel, Windows, Lotus Notes and Agility (Mainframe Customer Relationship Manager Application). The audience we had to develop the materials for was from the linesmen (blue collar workers) through to the CEO. In this rollout we trained over 950 employees.



Victoria Police

MS Outlook and Windows concepts

Tallisman trained over 8,000 Victorian police officers from their “Green Screen” environment to their new Windows SOE. We designed and delivered the training material that covered Windows 98 concepts and the use of Microsoft Outlook as their new email system. The training was delivered within each police station throughout Victoria.

The user population varied from Probationary Constables to Senior Sergeants. The age brackets were from 18 through to 50 years of age.





Developed customized training materials for NAB’s new Standard Operating Environment (SOE) for their mainframe and Windows based PC including Lotus Notes. All training was executed at the local NAB branches. The audience for this training was from the Bank Tellers through to the Branch Managers. In total we trained over 3,500 NAB employees.




Credit Processing Project

Tallisman developed customised materials for a workflow program that was developed by in-house programmers. The audience for this project was 400 credit officers. We documented and developed training materials using MS Word and PowerPoint for people in the credit processing cycle for financial banking sectors to high net worth individuals / corporate entities.



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