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Blended Training Solutions

About Blended Training

Within these methods a range or combination of approaches may be utilised according to :

  • an organisation’s constraints (e.g. industry change, geographical location or availability),
  • the learning required,
  • values of the individuals, groups and organisation,
  • skill level,
  • behaviours and
  • the change required to be demonstrated back in the work place.


Effective Solution

Blended training solutions can be one of the most effective methods of training participants. An example of a blended solution may include:

A large national organisation rolling out a new SOE across all areas of the business. Tallisman instructors provide train the trainer programs to nominated ‘super users’ within each business area. The new SOE and training program is launched at each site location to provide an overview of the new system plus training and system roll out timetables and the training methods being utilised. The ‘super users’ are then the first point of contact for the staff as the systems go live.

e-learning modules are provided via the organisation’s intranet for staff to complete prior to system roll out date with additional onsite Q&A or one on one sessions with the ‘super users’ once the system is live.